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Whether its physical, mental, nutritional, or spiritual health, OPH is the community for you.

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Creating a compassionate community of accountability and growth.

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Join our community where real stories resonate. I've faced my share of battles--Addiction, challenges to my faith, struggles with personal boundaries, and wrestling insecurities. It was a journey of one step at a time, navigating through tough decisions and emerging stronger. This space isn't just about triumphs; it's about embracing the authenticity of the climb. Together, we share the stories of resilience, growth, and the collective journey of becoming One Percent Better every day, by working One Percent Harder.


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Your support helps fund a mental initiative at my former High School to help kids get the support they need

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One Percents

One Percent Harder

One Percent Harder is focused on your physical goals. What can you achive each day physically to make a better you?

One Percent Happier

One Percent Happier is focused on your mental health goals. What can you do or who can you talk to, to better help your mental health?

One Percent Healthier

One Percent Helathier is focused on your nutitional goals. What can you do to make your diet more health or fit your needs?

Your One Percent

Whatever your One Percent is, as a community we are here to help you succed and push you to reach your goals.