Below are some overall wellness and mental health resources to consider!

Wondermind was created by Selena Gomez to help you focus on your mental fitness and understand your mind. 

Talk Space is the largest therapy platform in the world with many different options to meet your needs.

BetterHelp is a therapy platform that also allows you to pick your area of need and select a therapist that best fits your need. Personally, this is what I use. I selected the therapist I thought would be the best fit for my needs and personality and he has been a help in my life. 

Stem4 is a charity supported that supports positive mental health in teenagers. This site has lots of resources for specific needs including four apps: 
Calm Harm for those concerned about self harm. 
Clear Fear for those dealing with anxiety or fear. 
Combined Mind to help families and friends show mental health support 
Move Mood for those struggling with depression. 
This organization is is sponsored by actor, Tom Holland.

Crossfit120 is a local gym that has a great community feel. My family has been a part of this gym for nearly 10 years. Working out helps mentally as well as physically. 

Atomic Habits by James Clear was a very inspiring and motivating book. 

Orlando Recovery Center has made a comprehensive guide for symptoms that may not be substance related rather mental health related. If you are struggling after recovering from substance a abuse take a look and see it it may actually be mental health related.